Know Your Noodles!

Know Your Noodles Nano Asian Dining


A type of thick wheat-flour noodle, traditionally served hot in mildly flavored broth, called kakejiru. It’s usually topped with thinly sliced scallions but can also include; tempura, prawn, and deep fried tofu. The noodles are usually served cold in the summer, and hot in the winter.

Yaki Soba

Yakisoba is translated literally to “fried buckwheat”. Yakisoba noodles usually are made from wheat flour, and flavored with condiment similar in taste to oyster sauce. It is prepared by frying ramen – style noodles with small pork slices, flavored vegetables (usually cabbage, onions, or carrots), and salt and pepper. It is served with a wide variety of garnishes, including; seaweed powder, shredded pickled ginger, fish flakes, and mayonnaise.

Pad Thai

Probably the most well known noodles dish. Pad Thai is made with soak dried rice noodles, fried with eggs and chopped firm tofu. It is then flavored with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimp, garlic or shallots, and red chili pepper and palm sugar. It is then served with a lime wedge and chopped peanuts. It also will usually include chicken, pork, or shrimp, as beansprouts and other assorted vegetables.

Drunken Noodles

A Chinese-influenced Thai dish, consists of stir fried noodles, normally made with broad-rice noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce, garlic, meat, seafood or tofu, bean sprouts or other vegetables, and various seasonings. The dish is usually spicy, but varies in degrees of spiciness depending on the chef or restaurant.